MLS Matrix X 401 - Add/Edit Listing Maintenance


MLS Matrix X 401 - Add/Edit Listing Maintenance
Open to view video.  |   Closed captions available
Open to view video.  |   Closed captions available MLS 401 – Add/Edit for Brokers, Office Administrators, Listing Coordinators and Agents/Assistants with access to Add/Edit listing capabilities

Learn and utilize enhanced features like:

  • Ability to save your listings as “incomplete” and upload photos and supplements (formerly known as attachments) at any time prior to activating your listings
  • Ability to upload your photos all at once vs, one at a time
  • Increased the number of characters for general remarks to 1200
  • Add/Edit from your PC, MAC or mobile device
  • Add/Edit using any internet browser 
  • Review of auto-pop of square and builders square foot 
  • Adding Open House – Broker/Public and use of virtual
  • Review MLS page 
  • Review MLS Input Forms 
  • Discuss MIAMI’s Preferred Photographer Program 
  • MLS Offers – Simplify the negotiation process (FREE from MIAMI Members)

Christy Denys (Moderator)

Instructor of Technology Services

Miami Association of Realtors

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